The SOXPro sport socks have been designed by Cristian Di Leo, ex professional football player. Passionate about design and technology, he was, first of all, a true athlete who has built his life around sport.

In 2007, Cristian was part of Lotto Team, the famous Italian sports brand. During this period, his teammates and him had the opportunity to test the first prototypes of the Lotto Twist’Ngo. This experience and his carrier helped him reaching a very high level of knowledge in many technical aspects of sports.  

"We did the tests on the changes of direction with classic soccer shoes but once we played  with the LOTTO's we immediately felt the incidence of this new technology. It could improve very quickly our performance by allowing us to change direction faster".


 Year after year , competition after competition Cristian has developed a high level of knowledge in every technical aspect of  his sport. 

With SOXPRO, he wanted to create something that could improve athletes performance by starting from the base.

We wants  to give a solution to a common problem meet by athletes.

He strongly  believes that each athlete and person who devotes his life and time to the sport, regardless of their level, should have the opportunity  to feel like a pro. 


Love, tenacity, the desire to improve their performance are willings that go beyond trophies.


SockPro has been created to help players to achieve their dreams and feed their passion. It is a product for everyone.


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